Programming Contest

The traditional LP/CP Programming Contest will be run on site during ICLP 2023. It will be a two hours session, taking place on Thursday, 13 July, from 16:30 to 18:30. The LP/CP Programming Contest 2023 will be held in person, with each team consisting of up to three participants, and is hosted at the ICLP 2023 conference venue.

The contest combines some features of Prolog programming contest, Answer Set Programming (ASP) Model and Solve contest, and Constraint Programming (CP) Model and Solve contest. A variety of systems can be used in the competition, and as in the previous edition participants are not constrained to use a single system and can also combine declarative and imperative programming languages.

The participants will be challenged to solve as many problems/instances, which will be disclosed at the start of the contest session, as they can, using nothing but their notebooks, the LP/CP system(s) of their choice, and of course their skills and wits. While solving the LP/CP modeling tasks is certainly not easy, it can also be fun, and the most successful teams will be honored shortly after the contest at the ICLP 2023 conference banquet.

For further and detailed information about the contest, please see the github repository for this LP/CP Programming Contest edition.